This tutorial will guide you how to install Blogger Theme manually. Installing Blogspot theme by default will cause issue because your website will keep old widgets from default template.

So you should install theme manually to avoid this problem. Please follow my steps:

Step 1: From Dashboard -> Theme -> click on Edit HTML button.

Step 2: Copy Template Code.

Since you purchased our theme, you will receive template in a folder name Templates . 

For Windows: If you are using Windows 10, you can right click, and open directly with Notepad but I recommend you for using Notepad++ to avoid font issue with UTF-8 format. To download Notepad++, you can access this link

For MacOS: You can download SublimeText (trial use) to edit this .xml format or any editor software you know in MacOS.

Then copy template code.

Step 3: Paste Template To Website Edit HTML

After you placed new template code, click Save Theme and you installed successfully template. 

For any question, feel free contact us

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