We would like to thank you for purchasing Raintemplates theme. 

Step 1: Get activation code

If you purchased raintemplates themes from themeforest market, please follow this link below to get activation code.


If you purchased themes from Raintemplates market, please follow this link below to get activation code


Step 2: Place your activation code to your website

If your website is not active after placing new activation code, please check:

  • You get code for exact domain?
  • Since you change domain from Blogspot domain to your custom domain, please get new activation code for new custom domain.
  • If your domain is local, just change it to global before putting for getting the activation code. (https://yourdomain.localxyz -> https://yourdomain.com)
  • Please contact us via Facebook or contact form. We always available when you need any assistance. If we are delayed maybe different timezone or in holiday. We also try to answer you soon.

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  1. I mean it would be better if it would be sent by email no?

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