Blogger Template Installation Service.




Firstly, I saw many people using Blogger Theme with lack of customization because they do not have knowledge about design and programming.

For just $15, we can help you to install Blogger Theme and add theme customization for your website and make it beautiful like a demo.

What does your website will receive?

  • Installation like demo
  • Correct issues
  • Font change and Color change
  • Add Facebook Fanpage
  • Custom Layout (sort, repeat layout data, or remove any section)
  • Change your website data. (Changing data can affect to layout if you have too much things to add which not fit with demo then your website layout will be broken) – Text, Navigation Bar, Photo will be changed.

What you have to provide us?

  • Admin of your website. (You just grant Author by sending invitation to my Email then change me to Admin)
  • Provide all of data of your website like Navigation and links, text, photo and anything else.
  • Color and font you want (You can select color from and fonts from

How we can communicate? 

  • By chatting via Facebook, it is the better way to help us to discuss quickly any problem. (

Can you get refund?

  • We practice full refund before installation but  no refund after installation in processing.

Please contact us before purchasing if you do not understand all features of installation. Chat with us through Facebook for the fast way or access this contact page:






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