Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Raintemplates’ Templates can use for WordPress?

No. Raintemplates’ Templates are for Blogger only (


Does template come with free installation?

Absolutely yes. We are so happy to help you to install the template on your website. To do that, we need your website administration permission. From your Blogger dashboard -> Setting -> Basic -> Add author -> Put our email -> Click to invite. You can find Email in Instruction file. Since I accept your blog invitation, please change to admin. Installation can take 1-3 days.


How long can I get free support from Raintemplates?

You are using Raintemplates templates, supporting is totally free in the first year. From next years, supporting can be calculated based on your requirements.


Which is includes free support and installation package?

Installation is totally free and we will base on your previous data (navigation, widgets) to install but we find many cases that their blogs do not enough data for installation. In that case, you need to provide full information for installation.

Free support is everything related to the theme, not include setting up the third-party widgets or custom work. We will answer any questions to help you to solve troubles about the template.


Can I get the refund for purchased template from Raintemplates?

As mentioned in refund policy, We practice a no refund policy so if you experience any difficulties with one of the digital download products or if you undergo any problems with downloading it, we will be more than happy to help you to fix it. If you purchased an item that was not instant download (i.e. an add-on item), and you have not received the product yet, we can provide a full refund – no questions asked!