How to buy Raintemplates’ premium blogger templates

Follow steps below will help you to purchase a file successfully.

Note: This instruction is applied to our system only.


Step 1: Click “Purchase Now” button from the product page.

Step 2: Click Proceed to Checkout.

In this step, if you have ‘a coupon code’, please add it to get the discount from our system.

Step 3: Click Proceed to Paypal.

In this step, you need to fill all the required information such as your name, address, street, country, phone and email address. Make sure that “Email address” is exact because It helps you recover your purchased file if you lost it. You also can contact to raintemplates[!] (change [!] to @) if you get trouble while recovering email.

You also can create the password for your account in this step. I recommend you to create a password for your account in this step because you won’t need to access your email to create the new password.

Step 4: Pay with Paypal.

Raintemplates accepts payment by Paypal. After click Proceed to Paypal, you will redirect Paypal website to buy. After you paid, please click to “Return to Merchant” to download your purchased file. Paypal will determine you already paid or not to decide that you are able to access downloadable link or not.

In the case you paid but you cannot download the purchased file, please check your Paypal account balance first to make sure your money sent or not. If it sent, please contact me to email: raintemplates[!] (change ! to @ in Gmail) for more help.


Step 5: Download Your Purchased File.

After you paid and click “Return to Merchant”, it will redirect you to “download page”. Click to download link (orange button) to download. See photo below:

In the case, you pay for the service, you will receive the information file of service we provide.


Step 6: Manage Your Purchased File.

You can access your downloads from this link


Thank you so much for your purchasing. If you get any trouble, please contact me through Email or Support page or contact page.