Get Your Instagram Widgets And Access Token

In order to display your Instagram photos on your own website, you are required to provide an Instagram Access Token. You can do this by filling Email address and clicking the orange button below. After clicking, you'll be prompted by Instagram to authorize Raintemplates to access your Instagram basic information and you may need to enter your Instagram login credentials.

It worked. Please follow the steps below to get the Instagram widget.

Select the position on your website:

Select the thumbnail size:

By providing e-mail, you will get new raintemplates account to access the Instagram widgets from our system.

If you'd like to get only access token, you can click here to generate access token only.

You'll be brought right back here and, if all went well, your Instagram Access Token and the Widget will be ready for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an Instagram Access Token?

The Instagram Access Token is a long string of characters unique to your account that grants other applications access to your Instagram feed.

Why do I need a token?

Without the token, your website will be unable to talk to the Instagram servers. The token provides a secure way for a website to ask Instagram's permission to access your basic information

Why should I trust you with my token?

Raintemplates is just the company that made this tool to generate your token and make widget. Access Token Code is used for your website purpose only.

Since you provided email to us, we will get your Instagram access token to help you to create Instagram widget.